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Customer Service, Quality, Thoroughness
Mr. Mike is awesome. He repaired a cabinet beautifully (one which we had tried to repair before many times), now it's good as new. He fixed our front door, hung some extremely heavy old wood d├ęcor,  So knowledgeable, quick, and friendly, he is a joy to have in our home. Marianne S. Boise

       He is amazing, I can truly say he is a marriage saver. He was able to get all the projects done that my husband did not have time to do. Ann-Marie Boise
I would recommend Mike to anyone who has a project list that they just don't want to do. He completed all our projects in just a couple of days and his bill was 1/3 of what other quoted. His work was "Top Notch" Bobbie-Meridian
      I don't know how we made it this long with out him. Our home looks amazing. Mike was always on time and completed our remodel early, he cleaned up after the project and made everything look so great. Thanks Mike!! Carolyn-Boise

     WOW that's all I can say!!! He was awesome!!! Showed up on time , gave us an accurate quote and completed the work flawlessly. I would recommend him to anyone. Ben-Boise

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